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Humane Contain HC-7000 Deluxe Electronic Fence System

High-Tech Pet thoroughly studied the science of pet containment training to invent a completely new and effective boundary training system called Pulsed Proportional Stimulus™. A far more effective and humane method of delivering shock stimulus, it trains your pet more quickly with less discomfort and the HC-7000 Series was the first to use it.

Our Low Price:

  1. How It Works
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  3. Features
  4. 45 Day Guarantee

How It Works

Pulsed Proportional Stimulus™ Technology applies shock in very short, quickly pulsating bursts. As your pet moves closer to the boundary wire, the delivery rate of these bursts is continuously increased until your pet decides to retreat.

Although the initial shock will definitely get your pet’s attention, it's too quick to produce any noticeable pain. However, if your pet continues on an approach toward the boundary wire, the shock pulses are continuously increased, becoming more intense as the distance to the boundary wire decreases. Even the toughest, most stubborn animal will decide to retreat.

This new approach actually allows your pet to decide for himself how much stimulus he is willing to accept before retreating away from the boundary. We also apply audible sound bursts along with the pulsed stimulus, because it has been shown that dogs train up to 3X faster when tones are used as a reinforcing stimulus. The result is a vastly more effective, more HUMANE electronic pet fence. This Advanced Electronic Dog Fence Super System brings you ultra-advanced technology at a value price providing secure, reliable and humane dog containment.

What's Included

Kit includes TX-7 transmitter, RC-7 receiver collar, 500-feet Ultra-Wire, 50 boundary flags and 3 wire splices.


Ultra-Slim RC-7 Radio Collar

Fully waterproof and comes with an attractive, yet ultra-tough poly-elastomeric strap. The state-of-the-art TX-7 transmitter features an all digital, coded signal to eliminate false triggers and includes both audible and visual wire break alarms. Current-controlled power lets you add enough wire to enclose up to 30 acres while maintaining precise control of your field width (sometimes a problem with inferior systems).

Reliable Base Station

Our Model TX-7 Replacement transmitter comes standard with all Humane Contain™ HC-7000 series electronic dog fences.

20 Acre Range

Few competing systems come close to this range. Of course the TX-7 works equally well on yards as small as 1/10 of an acre.

Variable Field Width Control

Allows you to precisely control the width of the signal field.

Audible and Visual Cable Break Indicators

Should your buried cable ever break, a loud sonic alarm will sound accompanied by a bright flashing LED lamp.


This indicates the power mode, either AC or Back-up Battery. The TX-7 Base Station uses a "smart" power system. If you have the optional 9 volt back-up batteries installed and there is a power failure, the system automatically switches to battery mode to keep the boundary field energized and your dog contained. In this mode all indicator lamps flash to conserve battery power. When power is restored, the system automatically switches back to AC mode. The operating time of the Back-up Battery depends upon your field strength setting and the length of your boundary wire. Typical installations will operate for a full day in Battery Back-up mode.

Field Strength Control

You can control the distance from the boundary wire at which the receiver collar will begin to activate by use of the "FIELD WIDTH" dial. Turning the dial clockwise increases transmitter output power and therefore, increases field width. The maximum field width possible will depend upon your particular installation. It is affected by the depth at which you bury the wire and the total length of wire used. The greater the wire depth and length, the less maximum field will be available.

Generally, we recommend that you bury your boundary wire no more than 4 inches deep and use no more than 2,500 feet of total boundary wire. Typical installations yield a maximum possible field width of approximately 25 feet. We recommend that you set the Field Width of at least 5 feet. The wider your boundary field, the more time and distance your dog has to properly react to the system. However, if space limitations require a field width of less than 5 feet. You can reduce the overall field width by turning the Field Width dial counter-clockwise. When you vary the effective field width of your system, the HC-7000’s unique Pulsed Proportional Stimulus System will automatically adjust to the new field strength setting.

Quick Connect Wire Terminals

At the bottom of the Base Station Transmitter you will find two quick connect wire terminals. The boundary wire easily plugs into these terminals by simply depressing the tab and inserting the wire end. The wire should be stripped by 1/2 inch at the end before insertion. No other preparation is required.

Backup Battery Compartment

On the right side of the BASE station transmitter you will find a compartment to hold two standard 9 volt alkaline batteries for powering the system when AC power is temporarily lost.

Custom Engineered, Ultra-Wire

Thicker overall and stronger than even heavy duty 18-gauge burial-grade wire. Its special high-strength coating is resistant to sunlight, moisture and ground rot. Its extremely high pull-strength resists wire breaks.

Sophisticated, Dependable, Economical

You won't find an electric pet fence with this degree of technology at a more economical price. You need look no further than the High Tech Pet HC-7000 for everything you need to keep your pet safe without breaking the bank! With all these features, you might expect to pay a lot more. We think you'll agree that this is a great value in a sophisticated underground fence transmitter base station.

User Manual

HC-7000 Instructions - PDF file

Key Features

  • Pulsed Proportional Stimulus™
  • Progressive Tone Stimulus
  • Speed Detect™ Anti Run-Through
  • Dual Receiver Technology for Precise, Consistent Field Width
  • Audible Wire Break Alarm
  • Visual Wire Break Alarm
  • Variable Field Width Control
  • Quick Disconnect Terminals
  • Collar Battery Test LED
  • Built-in Battery and Stimulus Tester (Does not require an external test lamp)
  • Ultra Lightweight Collar
  • 20 Acre Range

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Don't worry! We've got you covered. Your purchase is backed by a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee which starts the day you receive your order. If for any reason you're unsatisfied with your product during this time period, contact us. We'll issue you an RMA and refund the product price.

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Your purchase is also backed by a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. This protects you in the unlikely event there are any manufacturer defects.